Saturday, February 16, 2013

Your Ultimate Goddess Tessa Foot Worship Compilation

"I'm bringing you into my bedroom so I can tease you into helpless submission with my sexy feet and cute toes. Seven Tessa teases await you weakling, including me in my open-toe bikini sandals and some sock worship with me in my cheerleading uniform. You know I love to make you dangle. Kissy-kissy for Tessa..." 6 minutes.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Goddess Kendra Gives You a Taste of Your Fuckface Cuckold Fate on Valentine's Day

To finish off your Days of Denial humiliation, Goddess Kendra commands you to cum into the dirty condom of your hated rival. But before you spunk your cuckload into his filthy XL fuckbag, you have to slurp down all his alpha male jizz - just like the dominant woman who owns you is going to make you lick her stud's cum from her snatch after she cucks you on Valentine's Day! 8 minute video & 31 worship pix.

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Robin and Harley Taunt the Last Few Loads out of Your Little Loser Cock before V-Day

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Missy Snaps Her Gum and Sneers at You as You Choke Your Worthless Cock and Cum

Missy looks hot in the red lingerie you got her for Valentine's Day. Too bad she's wearing it to tease and humiliate you! Missy bet a girlfriend she could make you cum by making you watch her play with her gum. But you better hurry. Missy's boyfriend is coming over for his Valentine blow job. Which means you've got like three minutes to fuck your fist and lick your palm clean for Missy. Weakling. 7 minute video.

Princess Missy from

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So, Dork - How Are You Gonna Spill Your First Loser Load for Bratty Cheerleader Becky?

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bratty Boot Goddess Becky Coaxes the Precum thru the Bars of Your Cock Cage

Becky makes your blueballs ache as she puts on her skin-tight thigh- high "you don't get to fuck me" boots. Becky knows that each time she manipulates the zipper of her boots up and down - zzzip! - the precum tears start to stream thru the bars of your cockcage. Aww. You are now 10 days in the chastity cage, weakling. Beg to make the boot cream for Becky... 3 minute video & 12 worship pix.

Princess Becky from

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Red Nails on Blueballs: Kendra Uses Her Perfectly Manicured Nails to Torment You

Goddess Kendra uses her color-coded nails to put you through a wicked humiliation game on your 8th day in chastity. Pink nails mean you get sissified. Purple nails signify a CBT session. French nails mean cockteasing. Can you guess what awaits you when Kendra unzips your pants with her bright red fingernails and toenails? You're about to find out. The hard, hard way.... 8 minute video & 18 worship pix.

Kendra James from

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stephanie Makes You Select the Gloves She Will Wear to Your Torment Your Blueballs

Sadistic Stephanie has laid out three pairs of gloves on the bed. You get to pick which pair she's going to wear to pinch, twist, tickle, tease, flick and slap those poor, swelling blueballs of yours, dangling helplessly below your caged-up cock. Choose carefully, because each pair of gloves offers its own special form of pleasure and pain... 5 minute video & 25 worship pix.

Princess Stephanie from

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Agony Arousal Session: Selena Teases Your Locked-up Cock with Her Wet Red Lips

The day after she locked you into chastity, Selena summons you into her bedroom so she can show you the lipstick marks she's gonna kiss up and down the shaft of her boyfriend's massive cock. He gets a blowjob from the lips of a Goddess. You get to hand Selena her compact case and lipgloss. Watch Selena make her lips juicy and glossy, for him, as she taunts, teases and denies you... 7 minute video & 10 worship pix.

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