Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mistress Kendra DARES You to Come to an S/M Club as Her Submissive

Miss Kendra calls you out for being the porn-surfing, cock-squeezing, tissue-squirting, feeble little fist-fucker you are - by challenging you to accompany her to an S/M club... as her slave! To do so, you will have to wear a humiliation outfit that reveals your laughable fetishes and showcases your shameful weaknesses. Ready to be publicly humiliated by Mistress?


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goddess Rhianna Snags You, Shames You, and Sexually Humiliates You

Bikini Goddess Rhianna sees you fondling your worthless little nub as she suns herself by the pool. She corners you, towering over you in her hi heels, and proceeds to rip your masculine ego into tiny little shreds. Will Rhianna command you to masturbate for her amusement? Or will she verbally castrate you completely. She decides. Not you. Imbecile.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Selena Slips You a Little Blue Pill... and Snaps You into a Chastity Cage!

Selena seduces you into her bedroom and pops a penis erection pill into your mouth. She tells you to close your eyes and get ready for the blowjob of your life... then you feel the sudden CLICK and LOCK of a chastity cage around your stiffening cock. HA! A weekend of hot sex turns into a 36-hour tease and denial torture session... Does puppy want out of his cage for Princess? 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lost Bet Humiliation with Sorority Tennis Champ Princess Becky

Becky beat your ass and humiliated you on the tennis court. Now she gets to do anything she wants with you. She strips you, forces you to wear her tennis skirt, and scrawls 'Becky Owns Me' across your chest in lipstick. She calls a girlfriend to discuss blackmail ideas. Sneaker sniffing? Toe sucking? Maybe a sweaty ankle sock wrapped around your sputtering little...


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BZZT! Princess Isobel Teaches You to Cum Like a Submissive Girly-Girl

Legs in the air, missy! Hold your ankles up high! Relax your bum-bum cheeks, and wiggle your panty bottoms down, cause here comes Mr Buzzy - Bzzzz! ... HA HA! Princess Isobel forces you to find your 'sissy gee spot' with her long, probing, pink punishment vibrator. You will take it all the way and scream and moan and lisp for more as your cruel cocktrainer makes u cum girly-style.