Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Princess Steffi Cuckolds You in Ruffled Pink Inadequacy Panties

If being banished to the guest room isn't humiliating enough, your dominant wife Steffi decides to put you into panties and make you suck a paci while she's sucking and fucking your boss! You can humpy-cum your cucky panties while your wife gives it up for your superior! Better keep quiet, little missy - pouting and whining will result in a spanking! 


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You Are Selena's Bitch-Slapped, Cum-Caked Little Choker

Selena finds out you have a date. So she slips on her sexy black gloves and coaxes you into choking out a worship puddle - into the palm of her sadistic hands! Then Selena slaps you around with your cum - splattering it in your face, forcing it into your mouth, and smearing it all over your hair. Now you can go on your date, bukakke face - drained, humiliated and caked in cum!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Princess Nikki Humiliates You at a Nigthclub and Sends You Home to JO

Princess Nikki dares you to buy her a drink and pop your best pickup line her way at a crowded nightclub. Well, wussy? Prepare to be rejected with that drink dumped down your panties - as Nikki laughs in your face and sends you home to squirt out a worship puddle to her... while she's getting it on with a real man. HA HA! Have a blast making fukkyfist for Nikki! Loooser! 


Friday, December 25, 2009

Pure Pink Persuasion: Princess Raven Turns You into Her Sissy - Part 2

You are sooo busted. Princess Raven uses your sissy weaknesses against you to turn you into her cockslut. Raven intends on sending you out in public dressed in girly outfits until you beg and plead to have your skirt flipped up and your panties pulled down to experience the full force of her strap-on cock. Your sissy cherry belongs to Raven. Look her in the eye and say it, slut. 


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pure Pink Persuasion: Princess Raven Turns You into Her Sissy - Part 1

Princess Raven weakens your resolve, leading you into into her feminine bedroom lair, only to turn the tables on you with her stiff pink strap-on. Raven makes you admit that you dream of being turned into a cock-worshiping sissy by a dominant young woman. Can you guess what she's gonna do with it after she makes you drool on it and suck on it? 


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sadistic Small Penis Seduction with Princess Becky - Part 2

Princess Becky forces you to stand with your pathetic little boner on full display so she can snap pix of your widdle baby dick and send them to her girlfriends! Pfft! HA HA! You have to listen to Becky mock your mini-cock and take suggestions on how to punish and humiliate you for having such a puny package. Maybe she'll pinch your pimple until it pops in your face! 


Saturday, December 19, 2009

You Are Princess Selena's Spanked and Cuckolded Stocking Slave

Selena knows you're weak for sexy stockings. So she rolled on a pair of lace-top fishnets - to arouse you and abuse you. You're getting a spanking across her silky thighs. But first you have to spit out your 'cuck snot' while Selena humiliates you. After your wanking and spanking you're getting sent to the guest room - to listen to Selena seduce your real-man rival!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey Pigface: Wanna Worship Princess Amy's Perfect Butt?

Princess Amy brought you into her bedroom to tease your little pecker into stiff submission to her. Now she can make you do anything, no matter how degrading! Like french kiss her cute butt. Wanna do it? Not so fast, drool bucket! Amy has three humiliating stipulations yer gonna have to comply with if you wanna brownnose your goddess! LOL at you, piggy! 


Sunday, December 13, 2009

You Are Princess Courtney's Outfit-Testing Sugardaddy Slave

Courtney loves to lead you on and abuse you, sugardaddy. She let you take her shopping and get her dressed for her date, giggling at the precum pouring down your lonely little pecker. Since you drained your credit cards on Courtney like a good little slave, maybe she'll let you drain your worship squirts into one of the condoms you bought for her boyfriend. Maybe not. Tickle-giggle!