Thursday, February 14, 2008

Britney Owns Your Cock and Balls

Who controls that little worm in your pants, you or me? Wanna find out? You better not watch me, weakling, cuz I'm gonna fuck with your fetishes and snake charm your little cock until I've got your blueballs firmly in the palm of my pretty little hand. I'm not going to stop until you are broken down, defenseless, and completely addicted to me. Then we can really have some fun together. Isn't that right, my little puppydawg?

Rules for My Shopping Slave

Hey sugardaddie, wanna play hooky from work to take me shopping for bikinis and hi heels today? Of course you do, you stuttering old drool bucket! But if you wanna be my fool and make the drool, you've gotta play by my rules. I lay down the humiliating rules you're gonna hafta follow if you want to be my shopping slave. Don't forget to bring your credit cards! You can leave your boxer shorts, your dignity and your self-esteem at home.