Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dallas Diva Deanna Flips Your Pathetic Sissy Ass

Don't date a 6-ft tall Southwestern chick like Deanna, unless you're ready to go long, hard and real-man rough. Ready to unzip and show Deanna what you've got? Or is no-nonsense Deanna gonna have to strap it on and "be the man" tonight? Prepare to pony up, pokey pants, or be mocked, bitch-slapped and sent home in sissy panties by a Dallas Diva who loves opening up a can of whupass on limp liberals, metrosexual sissibois, eurotrash phonies, and wimpass wussies - like you, loser.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Princess Mai Tricks You Into Becoming Her Toidy Bowl Slave

Teasing seductress Princess Mai knows you'd do almost anything to gain three minutes of freedom from your chastity cage - no matter how degrading. Mai promises that if you clean her room, wash her lingerie, and scrub her toilet, she'll unlock your little cock and let you choke out a worship puddle at her 4-inch high heels. Should you trust her? Or is Mai merely setting you up to humiliate you - leaving you locked up, brownnosed and blueballed, before ditching you for her boyfriend?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Office Humiliation: Princess Danielle Takes Charge

Princess Danielle just got her MBA -- Masters in Blueball Administration. Danielle knows that aggressively managing your cock and balls is the key to running your business and ruining your life. Danielle intends on texting her girlfriends, teasing your cock, and ordering up the "office supplies" -- s/m sex toys to torment you. Once Danielle takes control of your cumloads, can your cashflow be far behind? Stay away, dumbass. Unless you want to end up bankrupt and blueballed by she-devil Danielle. 

Thursday, May 15, 2008

This Little Piggy Wants... Princess Toe Kisses!

When Princess Tiffani tells her devious friend Princess Carlotta all about your giggle-worthy weaknesses and fetishes, Carlotta decides to tease and ridicule you by putting you through a game of "this little piggy" -- using all twenty of their French pedicured toes! This little piggy is about to become THEIR little piggy -- that means YOU, loser. Ready to succumb to the mercy of two wickedly cruel, supremely gorgeous sorority goddesses? Huh, weakling? 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Humiliation Assignment: Miss Kendra Sends You To Work as Her Sissy Slut

Cruel, cunning Miss Kendra knows exactly what lurks beneath your ridiculous real-man costume: a simpering sputtering sissy desperate for a dominant young woman to snap you into frills and lace, void your laughable boy-boundaries and emasculate you until you're pink with shame. Be warned: one look into Miss Kendra's hypnotic eyes and you will find yourself risking embarrassment, exposure, and total emasculation -- just to lisp the words, "Yes, Miss Kendra. I'm your obedient sissy slut." 

Friday, May 9, 2008

Princess Genni Decides: Do You Get To Cum Today?

You know you're in for an ordeal when drop-dead gorgeous, 19-year-old mall brat Princess Genni is dangling the key to your cock lock. She taps your penis prison with the key in a cruel game of "knock-knock." She traces the tips of her long fingernails along your aching blueballs, giggling and sneering at your distress. She stares you in the eye and lavishes a lollipop with her devil-girl tongue. If you want your release today, you better beg, plead and do anything your cruel keyholder commands. 

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sorority Princess Tiffani Teases You, Uses You, Mocks You, and Ignores You

You just spent thousands on clothes, shoes and jewelry to adorn her with, in a laughable attempt to impress her. Now Princess Tiffani has you standing in the corner of her bedroom, credit cards drained, your tiny neglected dicklet at full attention. You burn with humiliation as she tells a girlfriend what a pathetic doormat you are. Will Tiffani show mercy on you and toss you one of her ankle socks? Or will she keep you desperate, blueballed and throbbing with frustration?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rhianna's Rules for You: The Sorority's New Sissy Slave

Imperiously cruel Ice Princess Rhianna is hiring a sissy slave for the Alpha Delta Humiliatrix sorority house. The pay is zero. You will be subject to a rigorous regime of feminization, along with a set of humiliating rules, including frequent panty inspections. Boy-juice emissions in your sissy panties are strictly forbidden.