Sunday, August 29, 2010

Princess Lily Forces You to Jerk Off Using Small Penis Reduction Cream!

Princess Lily knows that you like to sneak into her room, smear your useless little penis with her moisturizer and jerk off into her panty bottoms. But what you don't know is that Lily long ago replaced her lotion with penis reduction cream! Lily forces you to rub the humiliating weewee reduction cream up and down your widdle stubby to make it smaller and smaller!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

You Are About to Be FACEFUCKED by Princess Becky - Part 2

Becky is going to give your face a good hard fucking before she forces you to suck cock for real. She throws you down on the bed and crams one of her boyfriend's cum-creamed condoms into your mouth. Then Becky drills your face with her strap-on dildo, blasting a huge cumwad down your throat and spraying the humiliating alpha dick skank all over your sissyfuck face. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Are About to Be FACEFUCKED by Princess Becky - Part 1

Becky just got back from the beauty salon and her pro-athlete boyfriend wants a blowjob. But Becky doesn't want to muss her perfect hair and makeup - so she seduces and strip teases you into a hypnotic state of submission... so she can cocktrain you into becoming her sissy slut slave. You WILL suck and swallow for Princess Becky, won't you, little miss puppet?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OINK! GRUNT! Miss Kendra Treats You Like a Filthy Dirty Pig

Elegant Miss Kendra defiles you like the disgusting barnyard pig you are. You will wear a pig snout, be forcibly piggy-plugged and smeared in lipstick insults. Crawl beneath Kendra's bed. Lick the soles of her dominatrix boots, sniff her dirty lingerie, gobble up her boyfriend's cummy condoms. If you're a good pig? Kendra will force you to oink out the most degrading cumslop pig-snot orgasm you can imagine.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Princess Amy Leads You on, Lies to u, and Forces You to Jerk Off for Her

Sexy seductive Princess Amy unfurls a condom and lets you THINK you're going to fuck her. Once she has you believing in your dream come true, she suddenly strips the condom off your throbbing boner, laughs at you, and proceeds to put you through the most humiliating forced jerkoff session of your life. Ready to shoot out the 'geek juice' for gorgeous Princess Amy?


Friday, August 20, 2010

Dani and Remi Laff at What It's Like to Suck a Tiny Pecker Like Yours!

Getting ready for a night out with the babes, big boy? B-B-Better think again, baby dick. Danielle and Remi put you in your place with a total laugh attack at what it's like to TRY to suck the peepee of a feeble weeny wanker like you. You will feel two-inches tall after the bitch-slapping Dani and Remi are about to give to your worthless little worm. No BJ for you, widdle dinky man! HA HA!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bikini Bitch Selena Catches You Masturbating as She Sunbathes

WHAT THE FUCK! You were supposed to be hand-washing Selena's lingerie - not rubbing your worthless little pecker into her bikini bottoms! Selena catches you in the act! No amount of stammering, begging and toe kissing is going to prevent you from being verbally castrated, punished and severely humiliated by sadistic Selena. What is she g-g-gonna do you? 

Fuck-Taunt Denial Session with Your Ex-Girlfriend Stacie

When you dated JAPPY superbitch Stacie she never even gave you a handjob. Then she dumped you for yer real-man rival. Now Stacie is giving up EVERYTHING for him! Stacie makes you whip out your sputtering boner so she can rub her ass in your face and taunt you with her boyfriend's cum-loaded XL condoms. Want Stacie to force you to spank it for her? Beg!


Ms. Thorn Emasculates You in Business - and the Bedroom

First she beat you in a business deal. Now your brand new boss - young Chinese executive Ms. Thorn - is going to complete your humiliation by forcing you into lingerie and a butt plug, before taking full ownership of you with her strap-on. Suck her cock and prepare to be fucked, while Ms. Thorn brags in Chinese to her collegues about the idiotic little playtoy she just acquired.





Friday, August 13, 2010

Perfect Princess Rhianna Transforms You into Her Sissy Surrogate

Goddess Rhianna seizes upon your secret sissy side to demean you and demote you - from boyfriend to sissy cuckold. Rhianna is going to strip you, shave you, powder and perfume you until you are as powder-puff feminine as she is. In your lingerie, heels and glossy lipstick, you're about to learn what it is to be the sissy slut slave to a cold, cruel cuckoldress.






Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Princess Remi Puppy Trains You into Becoming Her Butt Slave

If you want to worship Princess Remi's perfect ass, you're going to have to be broken and puppy trained first by your cruel, demanding Princess. That means crawling around on all fours whenever you're in Remi's presence. It means having a beaded 'tail' forced up your ass for Remi to tug on. And it means learning to keep your mutt-snout sniffing and begging where it belongs.