Friday, October 31, 2008

You Are Princess Selena's Pathetic Cuckold "Outfit Tester" Panty Slave

After she trashes your "baby carrot," compares you to her bodybuilder boyfriend and rubs her passion-soaked panties in your face, ferocious Princess Selena sends you to your knees to "test" her sexy outfit - with a round of furious farced worship strokes. When you start sputtering and pleading to make "cucky fist" for your cruel goddess, Selena will know she has the perfect outfit to seduce her real-man date. Maybe Selena will let you squirt out your feeble worship piddles before she kicks you under her bed.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beachslapped and Brownnosed by Bikini Goddess Princess Remi

She's wearing a metallic string bikini. You're wearing a metallic chastity tube. She'll be oozing gobs of tanning oil all over her perfect body. You'll be oozing gobs of precum all over your sissy panties. You will grovel at Princess Remi's high heeled sandals, point out the cute boys and serve her every whim. Do a good job as Remi's beach sissy and you might avoid getting slapped and publicly humiliated. She might even let you kiss her on the cheek. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Tricked, Flipped and Strap-on Suckered: Love Lessons with Miss Kendra

Miss Kendra leads you into her bedroom for a lesson in lovemaking. She seduces you in her sheer red negligee, her lace stockings and high heels. Is it a miracle? C-c-could it b-b-be your lucky day? Don't get too excited, sissy. Maybe you need to look a little harder at what's between Miss Kendra's long silky legs. Miss Kendra is about to teach you a long hard lesson in love making all right. And you are going to be on the receiving end. All nine inches worth. Silly sissy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Butt Kissing, B-B-Begging and P-P-Pleading for Relief with Princess Danielle

Notice how Princess Danielle's eyes sparkle and twinkle when she sees that you're in agony? Danielle wants you UP all night tonight, sleep-deprived and stiff, crawling around on all fours, kissing her butt, stuttering, drooling and begging to do anything she says. No matter how humiliating. Maybe she'll let you nuzzle her g-string. Maybe she'll let you oink out a piggy puddle on her thigh-high boots. Maybe she'll just tease and torment your pathetic little pigtail... all night long. Weakling. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sadistic Princess Isobel Seduces You, Denies You and Humiliates You

Tease Princess Isobel wants to play a sinister little game with you, weakling, to see just who controls that little joystick inside your pants. To see who can make it stiffen on a whim... to see who can make it throb with agony... to see who can make it cry like a baby. You're about to learn exactly who it is that controls your pathetic little pecker: Cruel Princess Isobel. She can make it stiffen. And she will make you suffer. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cucky Kisses and Sissy Strokes for Your New Owner: Snarky Princess Simi

Beneath your ridiculous real-man costume, Petite Princess Simi knows you're a "sim-pering" weakling in waiting, desperate for a dominant little diva to flick you down to size and put you in your place: in sissy panties, at her feet, begging to blob out a worship puddle. So what if Simi's half your age. She's got the power and she's about to prove it to you - by putting you through a diva brat domination session, destined to conclude with an emasculating public humiliation assignment.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Amazon Princess Mandy Sizes You Down and Thoroughly Humiliates You

When Amazon Princess Mandy forces you to put your pathetic little peep-shooter on display, all you can do is seethe with shame as she laughs at your feeble attempt to impress her. After this 6'3" beach volleyball goddess finishes flicking and taunting it, she's going to tease you into cuckykissing her butt, until you're blubbering and b-b-begging to spit a worship puddle at her perfectly pedicured size 12 feet. Will Mandy bring you to the brink - only to brownnose and deny you?