Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Your Blind Date With An Intimidatrix: Carly Erin

When you show up at her door on a blind date, tall, naturally-dominant Princess Carly Erin stares you down, laughs in your face and wonders aloud why the dating site is sending her midget men like you. But the real comedy show begins when cruel Carly Erin challenges you to unzip and prove to her that you're not a little man - where it counts. After she finishes laughing at it and lascerating it with her wit, she's going to farce you to use it to humiliate yourself, as she teases and taunts you. You are truly pathetic. Widdle man. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

Equestrienne Humiliation: Tiffani's Little Pony

You shined her riding boots. You ironed her jodphurs. But, like the simpering imbecile you are, you forgot to ascertain her riding lesson. Now, because of your stupidity, Princess Tiffani is poised in her riding gear, brandishing her riding crop, without a pony to mount. Idiot! Prepare to be stripped, humiliated, beaten, broken and violated by a creatively cruel, dominant young equestrienne, who doesn't know the meaning of the word "mercy." Get down on all fours and put the bit in your mouth. Now, you moron. 

Friday, June 6, 2008

"HA HA! LOOK, GIRLS!" Fitness Trainer Brandi Points and Laughs at YOU

She trashtalked your "tiny package" and "pencil arms." She farced you to wear sissy panties to the gym. Now, cruel fitness trainer Princess Brandi is going to put you through the ultimate form of workout humiliation: She's going to farce you to do your "sissy workout" in your gym panties while she taunts you, points at you, and bursts out laughing at you. Ready to spooge your sissy panties for Princess Brandi, loser? 


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Reunion Humiliation with Rhianna: You're Still a Total Loser

She was head cheerleader, prom queen and the hottest, meanest girl in school. You were a dorky little nobody to her - until she found out about the jerk-off shrine you made to her in your room, and humilated you in front of the entire school for it. Now, at your high school reunion, you might think you've become a big man and a success, but to cruel Ice Princess Rhianna, you're still just the pathetic little dweeb who wants to slime her cheerleader panties with your loser goo. Now she's going to farce you to do it, for real, as she mocks and belittles you.