Friday, April 25, 2008

Miss B Takes Control

What happens when your sexy new intern uncovers your favorite website (hint hint), your embarrassing online porn stash, and all your humiliating sexual secrets? If that intern is Asian American Giggle Princess Miss Bee, you can plan on being teased, tormented, used and blackmailed. Unless you'd prefer to be exposed? Guess who's in charge now, bossy boy? Humiliatrix Miss Bee, that's who.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Air Kisses and Butt Smooches from Princess Jade

Yoooo hooo Sugar Daddie! Princess needs another drinkie! Cha-ching! Princess needs a new bikini! Lounging and pampering by the pool of an expensive resort requires a big bank wad, Sugardaddy. That’s why Princess Jade needs you to be a good slaveboy for her. If you do a reeeeeeeallly good job? Maybe she’ll let you bury your nose between her bronze butt cheeks while she teases your little pecker.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Worship My Princess Palace, Wimp

You just can't help staring at that gorgeous blonde fitness trainer, Humiliatrix Princess Brandi. When Brandi catches you with a boner in your shorts, she calls you out, taunts you and farces you to kneel nose-to-camel-toe, between her powerful legs, as she mocks you, belittles you, and farces you to sniff her "princess palace" - a place you'll never get to visit. Loser.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Foot Humiliation Session with Princess Jade

Princess Jade knows how to use her pretty feet to control your pathetic little pecker -- and make you do embarrassing, humiliating things for her amusement. Get ready to give poolside toe kisses and foot rubs to your Princess, as her sorority sisters giggle at you and tease you for being the foot stool of a fool you truly are. It’s public humiliation time at the pool for you with Princess Jade.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Princess Brandi's Buttkisser

Don't you dare get caught drooling over Princess Brandi's perfect butt, boner boy, unless you're prepared to kiss it. For real. At the gym. In public. In front of everyone. Humiliatrix Princess Brandi knows you'd secretly love to be her brownnoser bitch boy. She plans on rubbing your face in your torment and turning you into her butt-kissing fool. Pucker up for your Princess! You dirty old drool bucket.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poolside Foot Worship with Pedicure Princess Jade

Is it her perfect red toenails, her petite pedicured feet, or heart-stopping high heels that turn you into a drooling begging fool before Humiliatrix Princess Jade? Maybe it’s her bratty attitude and the way she effortlessly orders you around. When she crosses her long lovely legs and dangles one of those open-toed high heels your way, she knows she’s got you wrapped around her perfect little pinky toe.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Princess Britney Controls Your Cumloads

Other than shopping for shoes, going to the salon and working on her tan, nothing is more fun to a cruel, controlling Humiliatrix like Princess Britney than making you squirm and suffer. Now that she's got you down on your knees, with the "teardrops" sputtering off the tip of your trembling, tickle-teased cock, the real fun begins. Just how low will you go to earn the cum command, loser? Maybe if you impress Britney with how far you're willing to humiliate yourself, she'll snap her pretty little fingers and let you unleash your worship piddles at her perfectly pedicured feet.

Princess Britney Teases and Denies You

Cruel Princess Britney uses her wicked French-manicured fingernails and her adorable hot pink toes to tease and arouse you into a state of weakness, frustration and total submission to her. You'd think that after all that begging, blubbering, pleading and drooling she's about to put you through, she'd maybe take mercy on your bursting blueballs and let them have just a little relief? Mmmm... guess again, loser. You get nothing but stiffie teases, insults, giggles, and total denial. Cuz that's the way Princess wants it.