Friday, March 28, 2008

Pedicure Princess Michele's Fumbling Foot Slave

Did you hear that "thud," weakling? That was the sound of you dropping to your knees. No matter how hard you try to resist, you can't help but yield to the temptation peeking up at you: those ten perfect toes, polished in pink. Princess Michele knows very well what her shapely legs, her pretty pedicured feet, and her sinister sexy shoes do to you. And she intends on exploiting your obvious weakness for elegant feminine feet into a full blown obsession. Go ahead, droolbucket. Beg to give your pedicured princess a kiss on the tip of her pretty little toes. Who knows. If you're an obedient little foot slave, maybe she'll even let you spit out the shoe polish for her.

Cruel Princess Michele's Spring Break Cuckold

Princess Michele. Princess Perfection. Pageant Princess. Prom Queen. Ice Princess. Heartbreaker. She flirted with your fetishes, led you on, and teased you into taking her on an island resort vacation... The dinners, the diamonds, her designer wardrobe, you paid for it all... Only to learn that she was just using you, silly piggy, and that she intended all along on cuckolding you and playing you for the pecker-pants fool you obviously are. Used and humiliated, stiff and stranded, all you can do is blubber and gush into her steamy, dirty, discarded bikini bottoms. And grovel to her for your sloppy seconds.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Workout For A Wimp with Princess Brandi

Ready for a rude reality check? Here's the deal, dorky: Superbitch Brandi is going to strip you of your masculine illusions by putting you through one of her workouts. And if you can't keep up with her like a man, she's going to farce you reach into your panties "to do your sissy workout" for her instead. So what's it gonna be, wimp, pumping iron like a man or pulling your peepee and piddling your panties as Brandi giggles at you?

Humiliated at the Gym by Brandi

When Humiliatrix Brandi catches you drooling over her at the gym she proceeds to lay waste to your ego, trashtalking your "pencil arms" and "tiny package," proclaiming for everyone to hear that "your kind of workout involves hand lotion, sissy panties and porno," and then (just in case you were wondering, loser) loudly informing you that you have "no chance" of dating her as she bursts out laughing in your face.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Princess Jade Teases and Trashtalks Your Tiny Pecker

Super-bitchy bikini-clad Humiliatrix Princess Jade teases you, taunts you, arouses you and mercilessly denies you, as she trashtalks that worthless little festering pimple between your legs. All you can do is cower in shame and humiliation as you listen to Jade's girlfriends whisper back and forth about you, belittling your manhood, giggling at you and finally exploding into girlish laugher at what a pathetic little wimp you are.