Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Oink Oink! Grunt!" You Are Princess Danielle's Dirty Little Piggy

In her knee socks and plaid skirt, Princess Danielle knows you'd be willing to go to any extreme to oink out the piggy squirts at her pretty feet. Like crawl on all fours. Grunt. And stick your snout in the filthiest places. If you can impress Danielle with what a dirty disgusting pig you are? Maybe she'll let you pull your pigtail. Or maybe she'l just send you home brownnosed and blueballed, as she laughs at what a pathetic fool you are. 

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Awwwww! Miss Kendra Powders, Lotions and Laffs at Your Widdle Pee Pee

What's a girl to do with a pecker as puny as yours? Sprinkle it with powder, squirt it with lotion, and tease it to the brink as she "rubs it in" with gobs and globs of emasculating ga-ga goo-goo talk. Aww! Does da widdle sissy want to make a creamie for Miss Kendra? Maybe she'll let you, maybe she'll just bring you to the brink and giggle at your distress, as she ties a pink ribbon around your waffable widdle wee wee. 

Friday, July 18, 2008

Princess Sari Cuckolds You and Humiliates You

What if your girlfriend went on a date with your boss to save your job? What if she was gone all night? What if she came home in torn lingerie and fuck-me hair, taunting you, laughing at you; with a satisfied smile and a sadistic gleam in her eye. What if she was as dominant, confident, creatively cruel and drop-dead gorgeous as 23 year-old Princess Sari? Lick your lips and learn, loser. You're about to swallow a faceful of shame - between the thighs of a humiliatrix who truly gets off on rubbing your face in it. 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Princess Tiffani Decides: Wishlist Extortion Games

After keeping you caged in chastity for an entire week, Princess Tiffani knows she's got you exactly where she wants you: panting, gasping, pleading and moaning for your pathetic release, right in the palm of her precum-drenched hand. Ready to be tickled and taunted? Ready to do anything Princess Tiffani commands? No matter how humiliating? Maybe if you deplete her wishlist, she'll unsnap you from your cage and let you deplete your... your... "Ooh! Oh! P-P-Princess Tiffani!" Beg to make your worship puddle, loser. Go on. Start pleading with your Princess. 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Weenie Roast at the Humiliatrix Sorority House: "Can't You Make It Any Bigger!?"

Prepare to be pointed at, laughed at, teased, trashtalked and thoroughly humiliated, as three sorority sisters in string bikinis leave you feeling like the two-inch twerp you truly are. Rhianna and Samantha can't believe you're as tiny and feeble as Danielle claims. So Danielle decides to farce you to strip and present, so you can demonstrate to the girls just how useless you are. Be warned, loser: Nothing brings out the sadistic side of a sorority princess more than a big talker with a pinky-size package.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Predicament Humiliation Session: The Terms of Your Sissy Enslavement to Miss Kendra

You have hilarious hopes of becoming her b-b-boyfriend. Miss Kendra has other ideas for a see-thru sissy like you. This sharp, stunning, cunning, hyper-articulate humiliatrix needs only ten minutes to strip you of your manhood, send you to your knees and ridicule you into making a "sissy spasm" for her -- with your middle finger farced up your foofoo hole.