Saturday, July 20, 2013

Your Girlfriend Becky Turns You into Her Cuckold Clean-Up Slave

"I logged on to your computer and found out what you've been fantasizing about behind my back: 'Cuckolding', huh? I had to look up the word. But now that I know what it is, you're gonna get a faceful of it starting tonight, wimp. I just let your rival fuck me. Now you're gonna clean it up like a good little jerk slave..." 


  1. Princess Becky is amazingly hot!!

  2. When Princess Becky is doing either of the step-daddy videos, her sarcasm and humiliating laughter is very, very hot. If she were to get really furious and demanding for a few periods when her step-daddy is not entirely obedient, I feel that would make the entire video a super femdom classic. I really, really beg her to read this comment!!!!

  3. Oh yes, Goddess Becky! Force me to eat cum of her boyfriends. Turn me your Sissy Maid Slave.