Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sadistic "Drill Instructor" Remi Prepares You for a Pegging

"Strip and present for your Commander! You heard me, wussy. Pants down and put that pea shooter on display for inspection. If you don't measure up, you are going DOWN. On your back with your ankles pulled over your head, girly style. Commander Remi is going to give you the punishment fucking of your worthless life...

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  1. Mistress Remi once again you make me cum in my pants and I wear diapers now everything I think of you. You have turned me into a chronic masturbator who is all alone. I guess you never read these comments though. Too bad. I actually have pictures of me in rubber panties and I would have been one of the guys in school you would have been mean to and I would have got all scared and wet my pants when you turned me down.